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Breed Neutral Legislation

Animal experts agree that the most effective way to keep communities safe from dangerous dogs is to implement a community based approach that combines enforcement of breed neutral dangerous dog laws, that target reckless owners, with dog bite prevention programs. 

 Model legislation would include the following:

   1-strict enforcement of leash laws with sufficient penalties to ensure the laws are taken seriously, with even stiffer penalties for repeat offenders

   2-enforcement of dog license laws with additional charges for unaltered dogs that go directly to the funding of low cost spay/neuter programs; stiff penalties for unlicensed dogs ensure a high license compliance rate

  3-widely available low cost spay/neuter programs with mandatory sterilization of all dogs released for adoption through the pound, shelters, or rescue groups

  4-breed neutral dangerous dog laws that focus on behavior of individual dogs and their owners (does not include typical puppy behaviors).  Dogs that exhibit dangerous behaviors are subjected to increasingly more restrictive penalties as needed.  These restrictions include sterilization, microchipping, muzzling, confinement, training, behavior evaluations, and mandatory owner education programs.  When dogs complete training/classes restrictions can be removed. 

   5-dogs that exhibit serious aggression towards people, or have seriously injured a person may be subjected to euthanasia as a last resort if evaluation by a "dangerous dog" committee determines the dog poses a substantial risk.

   6-owners must be held financially accountable for the behaviors of their dogs.  Stiff fines, as well as, legal prosecution must be pursued against owners who allow their dogs to damage property, companion animals, and injure people. (unprovoked aggressive incidents)

   7-laws that prohibit chaining or tethering, for prolonged periods, coupled with strict enforcement of animal cruelty and dog fighting laws  

   8-formation of a dog bite prevention task force that includes a wide variety of stakeholders from the community to periodically review the effectiveness of the laws and the success of the educational programs

If your community does not have a breed neutral dangerous dog law, contact us.  The Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates is committed to helping responsible dog owners enhance public safety in their communities.
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