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Nitro's Law

Nitro's Law-House Bill 90

Thanks to those who never stopped calling and writing their representatives Nitro's Law has been passed in 2013!

Ohio has some of the most pathetic and lenient animal cruelty laws in the country. We have to take a stand and make our voices heard. It's time to stop allowing animal abusers to make animal cruelty a lifelong passion. The first offense needs to be the last offense.

                 Meet Nitro
A beautiful Rottweiler growing up under the watchful eye of his loving family. Liz and Tom paid Steve Croley to further his training at Croley's board and train facility called High Caliber K-9. They visited the facility and all appeared to be in order. They met with Steve, and his wife, before deciding to leave Nitro at the facility for further training. Little did they know they would not see their beloved Nitro alive again.

This once exhuberant and joyful young boy was completed neglected by Steve Croley. Nitro was found dead, lying in piles of his own feces. He was half the size he had been when he was left for training and was so emaciated, he was originally thought to be a Doberman by humane agents who raided the property. All of the dogs on the property were starving and dehydrated. There were seven dead dogs and numerous others on the brink of death. Croley hadn't cared for any of the animals for weeks.

Ask yourself "who could do this to another living being"?

Do you want him near your children?   Your pets?    Living next door?

Steve Croley was charged under Ohio's law with 4 misdemeanors. He was sentenced to four months in jail and ordered to pay 1,796 in restitution and a 1,000 dollar fine. He is on probation for only 3 years.

Ask yourself "is that really the right penalty"?

He intentionally starved these dogs to death. He wasn't caring for any of the dogs he had been paid to take care of. He allowed them to suffer for weeks and left them locked in kennels to lie in their own feces. What did he do with the money he was paid to care for the dogs?

Ask yourself "what can I do to stop this type of cruelty"?

Please support Nitro's Law. Nitro's Law will change Ohio Revised Code Sections 959.131 and 959.99 to allow prosecutors the discretion to charge animal abusers with a 5th degree felony instead of misdemeanor charges if they fail to provide basic care. Write to your State Representative and ask that they support Nitro's Law.

For more information on Nitro's Law please visit his website: www.nitrofoundation.com
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